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Autoglym Claybar Kit FAQ

Q: How do I know when my clay bar needs to be replaced?
A: A small piece of clay can go a long way, however when you remould and are unable to achieve a clean flat surface with the clay, it is time to discard the clay and begin using a new piece.

Q: What kind of contaminants will the Clay Detailing Kit remove?
A: The clay bar removes bonded contaminants, the stubborn deposits that stick to paintwork, dulling the finish and affecting the gloss. The Clay Detailing Complete Kit will help you achieve an incredible silky finish.

Q: Can I purchase the clay lubricant separately?
A: Yes, the clay bar lubricant is available to purchase separately. Search for Rapid Detailer.

Q: Can I purchase the clay bar separately?
A: No, the clay bar is not currently available separately.